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What are the top 10 educational things to do with Miko?

1) Have your child try the Miko Educates commands in the commands sheet 2) Urge your child to explore Tidbits, which are educational conversations about a wide range of subjects based on your child's age 3) Use Coding School to teach your child to code 4) Have your child explore Marvellous Makes, which lets them follow along with exciting science experiments 5) Learn human anatomy with Da Vinci Kids' Operation Ouch app 6) Launch the Brain Buzz app for easy-to-understand content across multiple academic subjects 7) Hone your child's geography skills with Flag-a-thon and World Map Quiz 8) Try the Start Smart app for fun academic content 9) Boost your child's vocabulary with Out of This Word app 10) Help your child practice their spelling in Spell Master's game-like environment


What are some activities geared for my child's age?

The Miko team has worked closely with educators and content developers to provide an enriching, age-appropriate experience for children aged 5 to 10. For younger kids, Miko offers tons of educational content. Our audio-visual apps include storytelling, trivia, dance and music. Our premium content partner 'Da Vinci Kids' offers more than 13,000 hours of videos from their award-winning kids shows. 'Out of this Word' teaches kids about new words and idioms. 'Cosmic Kids' app has videos around yoga that are suitable for young kids. 


Does Miko offer facial recognition for the entire family or just one child?

Miko's facial recognition applies to one child only. Based on user feedback, we are working to develop face recognition for the entire family and will update you when this feature is launched. We are also adding multiple profiles within your child profile so that kids can store information about their parents, siblings, friends and other family members. This capability should be available next month.


Can my child call me on Mikonnect?

Currently Mikonnect only supports parent-to-child calling. However, based on user feedback we are working on child-to-parent calling feature, which will launch this month.


Does Miko 3 become more personalized over time?

As your child spends more time with Miko, the bot learns about your child and builds a mind map. This allows it to remember the topics of interest and come up with personalised conversations and experiences. When Miko recognizes your child after it wakes up, it will also call out their name.


How do I get Spanish content to load on my Miko 3?

If you want your child to speak with Miko in Spanish and see content in this language, please set the display and conversation language to Spanish on the Parent App. If you select Spanish as a secondary language in Parent App, your child will see Spanish content in Tidbits and few other apps.


Can Miko 3 do more interactive conversation beyond just 2 phrases?

Yes, your Miko 3 is built for long durations of talking & fun. In the Tidbits section, your child can have longer conversations with Miko 3 about a wide range of educational topics. This content is also customized based on the child's age.


Can I change the access from “Hello Miko” to something else?

We have completed rigorous testings to find a phrase that offers high levels of accuracy and reinforces the conversational experience of interacting with Miko. Hence it is not possible to change "Hello Miko" to another phrase.


What should I do when Miko 3 does not respond to my child's questions?

If you are having trouble getting Miko to understand your commands, the first thing to do is review the on-screen text that is displayed after the question is asked. If it does not match with what you have said, please ask the question again, slowly.


How long does Miko 3's battery last?

Miko 3 features moving parts and motors, which means its battery drains faster than one in a smartphone or tablet. However, we have designed Miko 3 to provide a robust battery life of more than 12 hours on standby mode and five hours of active gameplay.


How do I get Miko to say my child's name?

To hear Miko say your child's name, ask Miko, "What is my name?" Once you've completed the face training under Settings, Miko will recognize your child and call their name every time they are powered on or leave "sleep" mode.


What is your Warranty / Return Policy?

We’ve kept it really simple for you. Your Miko 3 is covered by a one-year manufacturing warranty, in case of any manufacturing defects.  If buy MIKO MAX will have extra one-year warranty.


How do I keep track of my child’s usage and access privacy control?

The Parent mobile app is required during the setting up of your Miko product, which is a one time activity. Your child can continue using their Miko without the mobile app henceforth. 

The mobile app is useful for the parents to keep track of their child’s progress, to make video calls to the child, and to install premium content through Miko Max subscription.


Is my child’s data safe?

We respect your privacy which is why your data is end-to-end encrypted. Miko does not store your data on the company’s server or cloud. We do not share or sell your data to third parties. As a parent only you have full control over your child’s data. 


What languages does Miko 3 support?

Your Miko 3 can interact, tell stories and play games in 8 languages from around the world. Choose from English, Spanish (Europe), Spanish (Latin America), Italian, German, French and Arabic. 


How often does Miko 3 get new content?

Miko's conversational content gets refreshed every 48 hours. We release new apps once per month.


What additional benefits do I get with Miko Max?

Apart from premium content, you will be able to unleash your Miko 3’s unique capabilities by getting unlimited access to Miko’s multilingual capabilities. Additionally, you will also get a one-year extended warranty for a worry free playtime.


What apps does Miko Max include?

Miko Max is your gateway to unlimited premium kids content from world-renowned children's apps like Lingokids, Da Vinci Kids, Cosmic Kids, KidloLand, Tiny Tusks, Oxford University Press and Out of this Word.


Will new benefits and features be added to Miko Max?

Miko Max is ever-growing! Every month new content, features & benefits are added to give Max users a wholesome educational & fun experience!


How can I strengthen my child’s word-power and reading skills?

Your child can access the world-renowned Oxford University Press’s Junior Illustrated Dictionary, Junior Thesaurus, Primary Illustrated Dictionary and Primary Thesaurus on Miko Max via voice activated queries. 


How can my child make the most of the Miko Max subscription?

When you subscribe to Miko Max, your child gains instant access to our full platform of premium content, which you can find under the Miko 3's "Max" tab. In addition to 50,000+ hours of educational content, your subscription also includes multilingual capabilities, personalized progress reports and unlimited Mikonnect calls, all of which you can find on your Parent App; plus unlimited Miko Moments, which you can access on Miko's Talents tab. You also get an extended product warranty. When new Max apps are added, they are auto-installed on your bot. If you are having issues accessing Miko Max content under the Max tab, please make sure that your Parent App is paired with your Miko 3 and that you are listed as a Max user on your app. To get started with Max, have your child tap the "Max" tab and they can watch many apps like 'Da Vinci Kids' or take a coding class with KidloLand.


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