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FLY Fusion™ PentopComputer responds instantly to everything you write on special FLY Paper, captures your ideas for upload, and delivers homework help as you write - helping you master your homework faster.

1. Blast Through Your Math Homework
  Get quick calculations or hear step-by-step advice on your homework problems.
2. Write Essays with Power & Speed
  Spell-check handwritten work with powerful editing tools.
3. Upload, Search & Edit Notes
  Back up your notebook, search notes and edit essays on your PC.
4. Keep Tunes at Your Fingertips
  Download and listen to your MP3s or create your own music.
5. Get Translations in a Snap
  Write a word in English and hear its Spanish or French translation instantly.
6. Play Games on the Go
  Test your smarts or challenge friends with trivia, puzzles, games and more.

When you write with the FLY Fusion PentopComputer on FLY?Paper, everything is automatically captured and digitized using dot pattern printed paper and the camera at pen tip.

Blast Through Your Math Homework
> FLY Fusion Writing
> FLY Fusion Spanish PRO
> FLY Fusion Algebra
> FLY Fusion French Pro
> FLY Fusion Multiplication & Division
> FLY Fusion FastComp™ Math PRO
> FLY Fusion Music Studio PRO
> FLY Fusion Journal
> FLY Fusion Brain Teasers
> FLY Fusion Harry Potter™ Marauder's Map
> FLY Fusion Pirates of the Carribbean™ Jack Sparrow's Compass

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